Journal Policies

Jurnal Reformasi Hukum applies a blind review process. The articles of the writers will be forwarded to reviewers in accordance with the competence in the field of law.
Peer review helps the editor in making editorial decisions that must be communicated to the author by the editor.
Every article sent and received must be treated as a confidential document. Without prior approval from the editor, any manuscripts may not be disclosed or discussed with other third parties. The peer review process is carried out objectively.
The author is not allowed to submit criticisms in connection with peer review. The peer review must provide their expert opinion regarding the contents of the manuscript and its parts and provide supporting arguments.
Jurnal Reformasi Hukum is a peer-reviewed journal and is available online as an open and print source. This statement clarifies the writing ethics of all parties involved in publishing articles in this journal, including the authors, editor in chief, editorial team, reviewers (Bestari Partners), and publishers. Ethical Guidelines for Journal Publication (Ethical Guideline for Journal Publication).
Jurnal Reformasi Hukum has standards for writing ethics, in this case carried out by all parties involved in the act of publishing: author, journal editor, peer reviewer, publisher and public.
It should be noted that articles have never been published in other media. Articles free from academic plagiarism and malpractice. The editor evaluates the article with fair and objective treatment regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, citizenship or the author's political philosophy.
Jurnal Reformasi Hukum is published twice a year, namely the January-June and July-December periods.



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