Praktek-Praktek Operasi Pabrik Berbasis Pembangunan Berkelanjutan Pada Industri Pengolahan Kelapa Sawit


  • Ridzky Kramanandita


palm oil industry, sustainable development, utilization of waste


Palm oil industry is known as an industry that significantly contributes to the national economic growth. Nonetheless, the industry also produces a great waste. At this time, environmental issues have become a global issue, including within the palm oil industry. There is accusation that palm oil mills has created environmental problems due to the amount of contaminated waste discharged into the environment. To remain competitive, the industry need to meet quality standards through the implementation of sustainable development approach. Palm oil industry development should be coupled with knowledge development of environmental management. The industry currently produces biomass in a large quantity; TBK, fiber, and shells. With this large biomass, the industry has a potential to produce value-added by products. The aim of this study is to identify and analyze the processes required to treat TBS become a CPO; to identify and analyze the energy balance on TBS become a CPO processing; and to identify and analyze alternatives utilization of wastes resulting from the processing of TBS into CPO.


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