Peer Review Police

Peer Review Policy

Ta'allum: Journal of Islamic Education applies a new form of COPE and ethics for peer reviewers. The journal is double blind, meaning that the author's name is kept confidential during the review process. Articles submitted will be reviewed by one reviewer, and the results of the review will be published after obtaining approval from the editorial board. Authors are obligated to participate in the peer review process and cooperate promptly with editorial requests for raw data, clarification, and evidence of ethical approval, patient consent, and copyright approval. In the case of the first decision "requires revision", authors must write comments systematically, point by point, and in a timely manner, revise and resubmit their manuscripts to the journal within the stipulated time limit. Ta'allum: Journal of Islamic Education also collaborates with reviewers through the online Publon platform. The journal editor must take all necessary steps to attach the author 's identity .