Author Guidelines


1. The manuscripts in the Law Reform Journal are writings that have never been published in the mass media.

2. The articles published in the Law Reform Journal contain writings about the results of research (empirical research with normative research or literature studies), discussions and other information translate Scientific.

3. Using standard Indonesian.

4. The script can be written in Indonesian 15-20 pages.

5. The script is typed in A4 size, using Times New Roman font, font size 12, space 1.5, without and after spaces between sentences and between paragraphs.

6. If replacing several articles, the initial letter of the word "article" is written in capital letters so that it becomes "Article".

7. Changes some verses, the initial letter of the word "verse" is written in lowercase letters and the paragraph is enclosed in parentheses so that it becomes (paragraph ).

8. Writing of citations using footnotes that have not yet met the requirements will be confirmed or embankment reverses to repair.

9. Academic titles are not written in the bibliography or footnotes.

10. Include a Curriculum Vitae of the Manuscript.

11. Fill in the writing outside the responsibility of the editor.

12. And the editor has the right to change the editorial without changing the meaning.